Thursday, October 25, 2007

blah blah blah

stovegenie’s songs hope to highlight the aspect of music that in the songwriting process precedes composition. stovegenie expresses how music should relate function and the societal context from which the lyrics and melody spring and into which the song will be written, thereafter changing the people who listen to the music and, collectively, the community.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

my birthday

"Old to Begin"-Pavement

Embrace the senile genius
Watch him reinvent the wheel
I don't need your summary acts, summary acts to give int
o the narrative
Old to begin... I will set you back, set you back, set you
Old to begin... I will set you back, set you back, set you

We get to feeling like a fixture
Set in 1966 -- time came that we drifted apart
Drifted apart to find an identical twin

Old to begin... I will set you back, set you back, set you
Old to begin... I will set you back, set you back, fella

Searching for latent cause; blame it on menopause
Or perhaps stress and strain; credit cards, lumbar pain
But I've seen your double dares everything extraordinaire
I know the things you do are gonna come back

Thursday, August 16, 2007

just can't make myself make music

"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."- Aldous Huxley

there's an album in me... 08 songs:
fastened, undone, lying, woods, bronchitis, enumeration, drown, uptown
i've got to get them out. but i can't. i don't know why not. maybe it is the fear of not knowing what to do once they are out. i'm 35. i'm too old to really do anything. right? i've sat in my home studio at my computer for hours--a guitar in my lap, headphones on, microphone in front of my mouth and it all pours out. that's not the problem. but how does a musician accurately capture the music in their head in bits and bytes? in 1984 tascam saved my life. in 2004 it was apple. its too cheap and easy. production is easy. implementation is

once they're out... then what? criticism. ennui. success?
what is success?

maybe it doesn't matter. my needs are inexpressible right now. silence. but soon to be music. be continued

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

for my favorite cowgirl...

"The Woods"
on a page
are just stupid memories
of things you can't and won't forget but never think of
and you'll try to escape them
but they've got you trapped in a cage
will you chew off your own leg?

i will remember every minute of your life from now on
we'll share every second
i'll escape into your woods where I'm drawn

things that they say
are just stupid suggestions
of things you already knew but didn't want to tell
and they'll try to anoint you
ready to hang you on the cross and drive in one last nail

i will remember every minute of your life from now on
we'll share every second
I'm lost inside your woods until the dawn

feeding the trees
that become the leaves
that cover the ground
that covers me

until that time
I swear I
will stand, forever,
by your side

the words on a page

are just a stupid contract
of something we didn't want
but they still refuse to give

words that they say
are just lazy suggestions
of things they were taught to be
and won't grant to us

i will remember every minute of your life from now on
I'll spend every second
safe within your woods until our dawn

Sunday, May 20, 2007

don't you DRM me RIAA, stick it in your ASCAP

My disclaimer... I am a member of ASCAP. I have registered one song and have collected no royalties. ASCAP has not always been a friend to the independent musician. that said...

I am vehemently opposed to the record industry's business model that
refuses to embrace and maximize the power of the internet. I love music. I love to listen to music. everywhere. my iPod(s). my fm radio. my satellite radio. on "bumpers" coming back to a live Cubs' broadcast on WGN. on Napster (circa 2001). on podcasts. on Internet radio. and, guess what RIAA, even though I listen to music on all those free and fee-based services, I buy music. a lot of it. on iTunes. from Laurie's Planet of Sound in Chicago. from Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis. from from bands at shows. from Virgin Records. from from Borders. from the BM freaking G Music Club.

Internet Radio is facing an untimely demise. I don't know why anyone who is in the business of selling music would want to do anything to dissuade that music from reaching the people who buy music.

I've decided to list the songs I hear on internet radio and then purchased beginning in January 2006 (the year retroactive rates would apply according to the DIGITAL PERFORMANCE RIGHT IN SOUND RECORDINGS AND EPHEMERAL RECORDINGS Docket No. 2005-1 CRB DTRA of the UNITED STATES COPYRIGHT ROYALTY JUDGES). As you'll see... many of these artists cannot be heard on terrestrial radio or tv.

Join me. grow this list. post your music. show the reach of internet radio.
  1. "Am I Wry, No" Mew (Sony BMG)
  2. "Exeter, RI" Jennifer O'Connor (Matador)
  3. "Piano Song" Heartless Bastards (Fat Possum)
  4. "The Overly Dramatic Truth" El-P (definitive jux)
  5. "Backstabber" Dresden Dolls (Eight Foot Records)
  6. "Birdwatcher" Malcolm Middleton (Full Time Hobby)
  7. "CT Catholic" Rainer Maria (Polyvinyl Records)
  8. "Wasted" LP (Light Switch Records/Musicrama)
  9. "Worn Me Down" Rachel Yamagata (RCA Victor Group)
  10. and on an on...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

music saves

sometimes you stumble upon something that makes you realize that the world is small and human experience is transcendental. yet that same something also shows that there has to be something greater than us.

for me... that "something" is music.

for how does a gay musician spend her entire life listening to gay musicians without even knowing they were gay musicians?

beauty: it is as if KEXP 90.3 raided all my mix-tapes from the early 2000's for their Big Gay Podcast!

KEXP Presents Music That Matters Vol. 18: Big Gay Podcast
The Big Gay Podcast: To celebrate Gay Pride, KEXP's DJ Mr. Smith has teamed up with DJ El Toro to select favorites from 'out' artists.

1. Magnetic Fields - Kiss Me Like You Mean It
2. Heatmiser - Eagle Eye
3. Amy Ray - Laramie
4. Imperial Teen - You're One
5. The Mumps - Just Look Don't Touch
6. Tommy Keene - Warren In The 60s
7. Butchies - Send Me You
8. The Fast - Boys Will Be Boys
9. Bob Mould - Paralyzed
10. The Gossip - Dark Lines
11. Hidden Cameras - Ban Marriage
12. American Music Club - Patriot's Heart
13. Pansy Division - I Really Wanted You
14. Fifth Column - All Women Are Bitches
15. Kitchens Of Distinction - When In Heaven