Tuesday, December 26, 2006

see, I've had these songs in my head and...

in my gut and songs are like cancer or anger... if you keep them inside too long they start to eat you up... bit by bit. so, i've decided to get them out... puke them up... so to speak. not to take the vomit analogy too far... but try to stay with me... really, vomit is a good meal that gets mixed together and goes out the same way it came in. so i guess it would seem that i'm puking up my songs rather than crapping them out. they are not finished like poop but rather a jumbled pile of some good stuff, some bad stuff and some filler.

watch me hurl!

ok, gross. i promise i will leave the vomit references in 2006.

"undone | fastened" maxi-single
available as MP3 download in early 2007 from myspace.com/stovegenie