Thursday, December 11, 2008

Emotional Hari Kari

I waited for an hour in the pouring rain
Well, that's not exactly true
It smelled just like it was gonna rain
I never should've trusted you

The new girl is kinda dull
I bet you'll think she's smart
you think she'll rock your world
she's just for fucking with my heart

An angry goodbye and a heavy sigh
Is all that I've got to try

Why do people have to leave?
Oh, I won't bore you with my pain
I keep trying to rewrite this story
But it always ends up the same

And angry goodbye and bored sigh
Do you know it's really a lie?

what else do you want of me
it's impossible to give you more
will I try to run away?
or be brave and fall on my sword

an angry goodbye and a muffled cry
is all that I'll leave behind

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