Friday, December 12, 2008


(to be performed as a 70's soft rock anthem/ballad for my favorite Whippersnapper)

I wish I was your toothbrush
so I could be with you in the morning-time
I wish I was your hairbrush
I could really make your hair shine
Shine on, like a little lightbulb, over my head

One more chance is all I need
to make you mine and make you finally see
One more try is all it takes
I'll give to you the heart you'll break

You, you're all I want for me

I wish I was plastic
You could bend me and do no harm
I wish I was pretty
You'd walk in with me on your arm
like you walk in the room with her

You, you're all I want for me
and all I need to be?

I wish I was your freckles
I could be on your face all the time
I wish I had freckles
You'd say "look at yours, they're like mine"
Maybe, then, you'd talk to me

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