Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Four Strokes

(A Song For Kate Who's Greatness Cannot Be Contained In A Pop Song And Who Inspires Me To Want To Be Better Than I Am With Her Beauty, Her Grace, Her Stature And Her Eyes)

Imagination, it always comes
asked and answered
here's your 69 (or 1) love song
hesitation, always in the way
just waiting for what she might never say

do you want to take her out
or take her home?
fools ask questions
with answers they already know
anticipation, of what might be
I'll drive this south
till I can
finally breathe

and I'm sorry for things I've not yet done
and all the things I want to do

resignation, for they way things must be
always wanting more than
what's right in front of me
beautiful and broken
but she still knows how to run
the one that got away
the one that'll never come

and I'm sorry for the things I want to try
but don't know where to start

possession, is it what I'm thinking of?
we can never own
the things we want to love
another time? a different way?
could it have happened?
who can say

I'm sorry for the things I didn't try
I didn't, but now, know the way...

one step forward
two steps back
three is harder than you know
one step forward
two steps back
four strokes then we'll go

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